It’s our clientele of decorators and architects that gives birth to our projects. We offer them our reputed know-how for projects in private habitation, hotels, shop fitting and office design, in Paris and elsewhere.


Hand and mind in an ultra-modern production facility. It’s a team of journeymen carpenter and cabinet maker extremely qualified, led by the passion for their vocation. They know how to take up the challenge of the work highly delicate which are entrusted to us. Our whole manufacturing is realized with high precision in our workshop. The installation on-site by our care allows us to respect the delivery date.


Our planning department acts at the interface between our demanding and well-informed clients and our workshop, and this thanks to the conception of plans by means of CAD. We realise prototypes, define technical solutions, choose the hardware and determine means of execution in order to conciliate technique and aesthetics.


The finishing workshop is a real laboratory of colours and varnish where wood and veneer samples and prototypes are established during the planning phase. Finishing works are done in the painting plant with — inasmuch as possible — water-based products in order to respect sustainable development.


 8 rue de l'Acadie, 91940 Les Ulis
Tél: 01 60 49 19 47